Garuda Biodynamics Innovations

1978 Organised Biodynamics world view into a Vortex pattern by combining Astrology and Biodynamics.

1982 Began using homeopathic BD preps for plant and human health.

1987 Discovered the 3 Stages of Creation

1989 Outlined the spiritual activity of all 8 Biodynamic preparations, thus allowing Biodynamics to be a truly spiritual science. All BD activities could now be done consciously, based upon their spiritual phenomena.

1990 Made BirdScare. This product is a homeopathic biodynamic ‘bird’. It balances the energetic inbalance that allows birds to enter trees, thus they have been described as ‘bouncing off the trees’ or just do not go there. Proven effective by HortResearch NZ in 2002.

Also made Pest Protection which does the same for slugs, snails and white cabbage butterfly on brassica and lettuce.  Possums, Rabbits, Kangaroos, Pukekos, Cockroach, Ants and Cats can be controlled by this approach.

1991 Developed human health system using only three BD prep products to control the spiritual inbalances behind ill health.

1998 Kale experiment documents plant growth can be controlled by homeopathic BD preps and that such preps are specific to where they land and do not radiate.

1999 Organised Biodynamic information according to the Gyroscope. This provides a spiritual activity glossary of all the BD terminology and clarified a cohesive understanding of the Agriculture Course.

2000 Organised the Periodic Table of chemical elements into a circular, then gyroscopic pattern, thus indicating the spiritual activity of all the chemical elements.

2006 Developed the 3 dimensional Periodic Table and sculpture.

2010  Began collecting ‘chemical energies’ from circles. Showed there effectiveness via plant and insect trials

2012  Edited Dr Steiner’s 8 Agriculture Lectures – The Energetic Activities – so they could be understood, via the medical lectures

2013  Glenological Chemistry was published

2014  Alchemical Chemistry with its ‘Glenological Rosetta Stone’, aligns Dr Steiner’s Medical and Agricultural lectures with the Internal Physical focused Circular Periodic Table. This provides a second approach to the energetic workings of chemistry. One that enlivens Drs Hauschka & Steiner’s energetic understanding of substances for the control of many aspects of nature. Free of charge, to all of humanity.

2019  The Circle of Everything – The Four Kingdoms of Nature are plotted upon the Circle, allowing the energy of Everything to be collected.

2020   Allocated Dr Steiner’s  ‘Odorn’ remedies to Dr Lievegoed and the BD Preps providing functional remedies for Dr Lievegoed’s  double planetary organisation. 

2021  Walter Russel’s Sub Atomic particles – Walter Russel proposed there was four rings of sub atomic elements below Helium. Glen provided an interpretation of these elements energetic activity and possible effect. He collected the elements from the Circle.  Various trials were convincing.

2022    Produced a hardcopy of “The Planets in the Agriculture Course” and sent it to the Goetheanum, as an answer to  their 100 year old problem of how to understand Dr Steiner’s comments about the planets, in his Agriculture Lectures.