Biodynamic Agriculture speaks with a Forked Tongue

Have you ever wondered why BD people do not make sense once their explanations move beyond the basic BD actions? Why they flit off into religious and faith based stories filled with elemental beings, angels and other unproven dimensions?

It is because ‘they’, as a movement do not have a co ordinated understanding, due to one central concept not being widely understood.

Medical or Modern Biodynamics – the scorecard

In my article ‘The Problem of the Etheric Formative Forces v4’, I identified ‘the problem’ as the difference between identifying the primary formative cause of lifeforms as ‘The Stars’ – in line with astronomy, several leading Biodynamic scholars of the past, and the Apop medical view of the world. While ‘Modern BD’ says the primary cause of lifeforms comes from the The Etheric Formative Forces which find their source in ‘The Cosmic Ether’. It then follows that the ethers are the main formative activities in life forms.