Level 3 - The Physical Body - 3 fold

Physical manifestation occurs when the two primary forces interact, and from this action comes a reaction and synthesis.

In Astrology this level is called the Modes and in modern science is described as Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Generally in Astrology, the Cardinal pole is seen as the expansive outward moving pole and therefore male in nature, while the Fixed pole is seen as contractive and therefore female in nature. In Biodynamics however these two poles are reversed. The Astrological interpretation is a psychological view while the Biodynamic view is of physical processes and physical bodies. This polarity of activity can be seen later in the Astrological Model when we look at the inner workings of the 12 fold zodiac.

R. S. points out that physical forms, especially the more developed animals and human forms, are divided into three specific regions. The head region is the centre of the Nervous system. The Diaphragm is the seat of the Rhythmic system containing the lungs and the heart / circulation systems. The torso is the centre of the Metabolic system, incorporating the digestive and reproductive systems.

The nerve sense works in from the head down. The Metabolic forces work upwards from the feet as it were, while the Rhythmic forces are developed and harmonised out of them both. The more developed the life form the more individualised these systems become.

When describing a farm and plant growth, RS refers to the "agricultural individuality' as if it where a human standing on its head.

The Nerve sense region of the plant is the root and below the Earth. The Earth's surface is the Diaphragm " while we and all the animals live in its belly".

For the animal, such as a cow. The situation is much the same as the human however the development of the middle rhythmic system is not so developed, especially in the young animal.

In the past this law was described by the alchemical formula of Sulphur, Mercury and Salt to describe the same threefold nature of physical substances. Salt indicates the act of coming into being through consolidation. These are centripetal forces moving from the periphery to the centre. Astrologys fixed principle.Mercury is the adaptation of the above and below. The leaf shows us this image in its mixing of the water from below with the air from above. Mutable in Astrologese. Sulphur describes the sublimation, dissipation and burning processes involved in the flowering and seeding. These are centrifugal forces moving from the centre outward. Substance is loosened and refined. Cardinal astrologically.

All these pictures provides us with the following associations









 Nerve Sense











Until recently this level of the Biodynamic Vortex was used solely to describe the make up of physical bodies and provide a picture of the 'environment' in which plants grow. There has not been any preparations for this level. However of late Greg Willis of California has been investigating the use of 'Horn Clay' as a mediating preparation between the activity of Calcium and Silica. He sees this preparation as a mediator between 500 & 501. It should be noted that he suggests this preparation be made from the calcium based bentonite clay. (see Thoughts on Horn Clay)