Thoughts on Horn Clay Prep 800

Horn Clay is made from placing a bentonite clay in a cpws horn and burying either in spring or autumn. Greg Willis of USA has done good work on this preparation.

Having recently read through the posts on Horn Clay from the last month a few thoughts and images have come to mind.

Firstly I would like to thank Greg W for the work he has done on this and the ideas he has shared with us regarding its use. They all seem to make alot of sense and certainly provide a great starting place for its investigation.

From his post 21.6.1998 - Horn Clay he provides the picture of Horn Clay as the mediator prep. I take it not just between the processes active in 500 and 501 but also for all other preps, minerals, organic matter, microorganisms etc we are likely to find in or add to the soil.


On the BD 6 layered spiral it appears what we are doing here is moving from level 2 of polarity to level 3 of the Modes. In BD Decoded and Cosmic Order ( from I have provided a picture of how one layer of the vortex progresses into the next. Level 2 - Polarity, is the layer of the primary polarity between Si/501 and Ca/500 poles and is generally not incarnated in one physical body, hence we still have sexual reproduction through external joining of male and female poles.

Level three - Modes (In Astrology the law of Cardinal, Mutable Fixed) is created when the two poles Si/501/Cardinal/Sulp. collides with the Ca/500/Fixed/Salt pole to create the middle zone we call Mutable/Merc. This threefold law manifests in the physical bodies of the Earth.

There is one little trick here as this law internalises and I am not fully sure how to harmonise the contradiction, so I just let it be. In both Hindu scripture and RS work we are presented with the picture that the physical head is like the roots of the plant, while the metabolic system is more like the Cardinal/flowering seeding pole of the plant. So we have in BD the Si pole manifests through the Fixed mode while the Ca pole manifests through the Cardinal mode.

Psychologically in people it is reversed the Si/Air Fire/ Nerve sense people are much more Cardinal in their expression while the Ca/ Water Earth people express fixedity more strongly. This contradiction is a whole study in itself and not really appropriate to go into here.

Suffice to say the Nerve Sense/Si/Fixed/501 pole works from the periphery to the centre, while the Metabolic/Ca/Cardinal/500 pole works from the centre to the periphery. They meet in the middle and the Rhythmic system or Mutable system of any organism is 'born'. You will remember in the Agric. course we are told this middle area is not so well defined in animal as it is in Humans. In the 'Agricultural Individuality' it is the biologically active layer of the soil.

I believe by putting the clay into a cow horn and using the cycle of the year and treating it in the same manner as the other horn preparations we are linking this substance to the same 'resonance level' as 500 and 501. Clay as a substance though is an interesting pick. I can see Gregs points about it being a 'central substance' and it was interesting to note we need to stay away from the Si Feldspars etc.

My point is really to appreciate that in this preps series we have created a prep series for level 3. The Horn Clay filling the role of central harmoniser at that level.

The reason I muse over this is because RS gave some very specific indications about the role of clay in the mediation of the forces active in plant growth. In lecture two he was talking about the way the Cosmic Silica which carries the archetypal 'seed' message of the plant (Saturn 1/Ego) was drawn into the soil and concentrated by the quartz content of the soil, reaching that point of crystallisation around the winter solstice. From here this Cosmic Silica/Ego whats to move upwards creating the upward moving stalk to finally reach its peak in the seed formation of the plant, ensuring its archetypal strain/Ego is carried into the future. RS tells us that it is the clay in the soil which allows this Cosmic Silica/Ego process to move upwards.

To prese the lecture we are presented with a picture that the Cosmic Silica/Ego is facilitated by the clay, Sand facilitates the Terrestrial Silica/Astral while the humus facilitates the Cosmic Ca/Etheric and the Calcium/Lime facilitates the Terrestrial Ca./Physical activity.

From here it is evident we are dealing with the level four law. One of the great challenges of the Agriculture course is for us to view plant growth from this 4 fold Si & Ca picture and grow our plant accordingly. It has been in this search that I have mused about a series of preparations for level 4 which would allow us to 'capture' these forces more directly rather than through the compost preparations.

I take to heart what Greg shared with us in 'Ether& Preps: A Spiritual Perspective' (Equinox gift) - that the task of finding these new preps is really one for the community not any one individual. It is in this spirit that I share my thoughts, that I suggest we explore the possibility of level four preparations based on clay, Si sand, humus and lime. In this context I believe the clay will take on a different role to the Horn clay mediation function. I also suggest the sheaths -if any- are not horns as this ties us to levels 2 & 3. Level four is the layer of the Etheric body as you will note every associated with the etheric body is in groupings of 4 while the next layer up which organises itself according to 7s is the Astral body. It is from this Astral layer that we see the formation of the organs in physical living beings and the organ preps we know as the compost preps.

So in short the sheaths for these level 4 preps may need to be more "Etheric" in nature than Astral. As they are all mineral would it be appropriate to use 'etheric' leaves as sheaths to step their activity up another gear?

This is probably enough said for the moment. Lets see if there is any interest in a group perusal of this avenue of research.

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