Gyroscopic Astrology Synopsis

"Gyroscopic Astrology" provides a synergy of Astrology and Dr Steiners views. This method offers an organisational doorway,
where the principles of Astrology help interpret Steiner effectively, for the benefit of both.

This synopsis of chapters is a compilation of most of the chapters from the four books available on this site. They are organised in such a way as to provide a sequential journey through this material.


Establishing the basic laws of creation
An brief introduction to Steiner and how Steiner extended the works of Goethe.
Steiner described the world through what he called two-fold, three-fold, four-fold, seven-fold and twelve fold processes. The author describes how Astrology is built upon the same patterns. The basic 'formula' is introduced, and is shown to be built firstly upon a structure of astronomical principles and then upon Astrological principles. This structure is further developed (and continues to develop) as an overview of a universal theorem, which in conjunction with Steiners indications, can be applied very practically to all of life.

CHAPTER 1: Astronomical Pictures

One of the basic assertions of the book is that there is an archetypal order upon which all things arrange themselves. Once this order is identified and understood then life processes can be approached in a harmonious and realistic manner. For this to be so then the order can be seen at all stages of existence.
Several photographs from the Hubble Telescope show the electromagnetic shape of a galaxy.
This provides us with the form of a double vortex and the horizontal plane.
Further photographs/pictures show how the horizontal plane develops into a lemniscate (or figure 8) along the horizontal plane.
A summary of these forms indentifies:
the vertical and horizontal axis,
the double vortex and single vortex form,
how matter and energy moves down the vertical axis to the centre and back out along the horizontal plane,
how matter organises along the horizontal plane according to the electromagnetic fields of the gyroscope and there's a lemniscate pulse which can be observed on the horizontal plane which also organises itself into this Torus form.
8 Pictures and Diagrams

CHAPTER 2: What's There

We begin the journey through the Astrological theorem with the practical realities of our environment. We start with the immediate environment first. We look at the earth, then the atmosphere and how it developed through the life processes, beginning with green algae and development of free oxygen in the environment.
Then the solar system and Bode's law and how the planets organise themselves according to the electro-magnetic resonance of the solar system.
Then the galaxy. Looking at the various shapes and order that is present within the galaxy.
5 Diagrams


CHAPTER 3: Spiral of Life

Look at the galactic form. There is a double vortex with a horizontal plane - look at the various shapes which we see in our solar system and our galaxy and how this brings us to the vortex of how the galaxy, solar system, atmosphere, earth and polarity basically sit on top of one another in the shape of a vortex.
5 Diagrams

CHAPTER 4: Spirals and Vortices

How we look at this gyroscopic big apple/onion form. How this is the overall basis by which order structures itself
We look at the various levels of the galaxy based creation and how this is imaged also in the astrological model with the zodiac, planets, elements, modes and polarities.
The astrological model as a universal theorem is introduced for the first time.
3 Diagrams

CHAPTER 5: Universal Theorem, the 1-3-fold Layers
"As above So below" is imaged in the double vortex of the macrocosmic manifestations and the microcosmic manifestations as lead in before exploring the parts.

The Levels of the Spiral are explained:
Level 1: unity.
Level 2: the basic process of Polarity we see in mythology, psychology (anima, animus etc).
We outline how in a cell for example we see 'singularity' beginning to move thus starting to create a pulsing lemnisacte form which eventually develops into two individual spirals. Also we see this polarity functioning between sun and earth, between cosmic and terrestrial, force and substance activities taking place.

Level 3: how the two-fold polarity becomes the thesis/synthesis/antithesis process in the cardinal, mutable and fixed of astrology and how these are basic laws.
3 Diagrams

CHAPTER 6: The Elements, the 4-fold Layer
How 3 fold becomes 4 fold.
Seeing the Macro and Micro polarity laws
The macro-polarity between the male elements of fire and air and the female elements of water and earth. The micro-polarity which shows up between the fire and earth elements, and the air and water elements is also identified.
4 Diagrams

CHAPTER 7: The Solar System, the 7-fold Layer
How the 4-fold moves into the 7 fold
When the planets are arranged according to the length of their 'sun' cycles an order is discovered which provides a macro and micro polarity structure.
The micro-polarities which show up between the inner and outer planets e.g. between Moon-Saturn, Jupiter-Mercury and Mars-Venus with the Sun acting in a harmonising position here.
2 Diagrams

CHAPTER 8: The Galaxy, the 12-fold Layer
The Zodiac and the 12-fold structure.
A brief discussion on the equal and unequal divisions of the zodiac which are found in astrology. The Internal relationships of the zodiac based on the earlier laws work into the zodiac.
Each previous law provides useful insights on how the zodiac 'works' as a practical theorem for life.
The 2-fold law divides the zodiac in the positive and negative signs. Organised according to the planets -7fold- we have an order forming of the zodiac.
The three-fold and four-fold laws are found to be replicated automatically in this order. Several further basic laws of organization are outlined by this action.
Thus we conclude
"For such order to be expressed in this final stage,
all earlier relationships and conclusions about the theorem must also be correct."
5 Diagrams

CHAPTER 9: Archetype to Manifestation
A question arises that the zodiacal pattern we have established in the Astrological Model is not the same as that found in the 'manifest' zodiac we find in the sky.
Here we find the connection and further 'laws' we can use later.
The essential difference between the archetypal and manifest zodiacs.
The journey from the zodiac structure which comes out of the Astrological vortex to the process it goes through to show us the zodiac that is in the sky.
Two zodiacs are identified here: the Aries to Pisces zodiac, and the Cancer to Leo zodiac.
This concept is innovative and opens up further doors for exploration which are answered in Spiral Astrology.
6 Diagrams

Evolution on a Pinhead
Gives a brief intro to the agricultural lectures and Steiner's work outlining essential understandings of his picture of evolutionary cycles.
A brief intro into the spiritual bodies and how life is a manifestation of the macrocosmic bodies of the Galaxy, Solar System, atmosphere and Earth, incarnating through the enfolding of the bodies into manifest form.
3 Diagrams

CHAPTER 11: The Big Picture
The structure that Steiner outlines in "Occult Science" of the three levels of 'spiritual' manifestation he sees.
The Cosmic spheres of activity in creation from the Galaxy outwards into space
The World spheres we identify more locally as our Sun, the Planetary spheres, the Atmosphere and the Earth.
The personal bodies that we see manifest in the four kingdoms of nature.
An overview of Steiners internalised spiritual stages of consciousness and how they relate to the various planetary realms.
2 diagrams

CHAPTER 12: The "Creations Layer Cake"
Here we combine the previous chapters contents and place it pictorially on the physical structures of our environment
Using the large 12-fold picture of creation - an explanation of how each sphere or layer of creation is connected to the others.
3 diagrams

CHAPTER 13: The Physical and Macro-carriers of the Bodies.
Looking more deeply into the spiritual bodies, where they are seated and how they function and manifest.
Each body - the physical, etheric, astral and spiritual bodies.
5 diagrams

CHAPTER 14: The Spiritual Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature.
A Look at how the 4 bodies are entwined in each of the Kingdoms of nature using colour diagrams for further clarification.
6 full colour diagrams

CHAPTER 15: The Creative Formative Forces
Looking at how the Earth is in the middle of streams of forces carried on the 'beams' coming from the stars and made more complex each time these beams come through one of the dimensions - eg solar system - on its journey to the Earth.
2 diagrams

INTRO on Glen's approach to astrology. This section explores HOW we use astrology in an appropriate manner.

CHAPTER 16: What is Astrology
Defining the difference between Astronomy and Astrology:
Some reintroductions to the basic structure of things - may be unneccessary
Astronomy is the science of whats there.
Astrology is the science of the interplay between all cosmic phenomena and their corresponding significance for, and influence on life on Earth.
A discussion of the difference between astronomy and astrology.
A brief history of astrology. ( not necessary)
6 Diagrams

CHAPTER 17: Archetypal and Subjective Realities
2 fold in practice - Presenting the difference between a Subjective and Objective reality
What is the difference between the real subjective experience of reality and how this corresponds to the archetypal reality, that we have established in the astrological vortex.
We begin to develop the concept of the duality between archetypal principles and the subjective manifest life. This duality manifests as the polarity between spirit and matter which becomes a central theme through this whole book.
1 Diagram

CHAPTER 18: What is the Birth Chart?
A look at the physical birth chart used in modern western Astrology and ask what is it Astronomically and establish the 'law'
"The astrological application of any method is described
by its relationship to the astronomical reality."
The Birth Chart is an earth-bound reality as opposed to a cosmic reality that we see in the heliocentric chart.
What is the meaning of the Birth chart,
The death chart
Steiner's ideas of what happens after death: the path the individual follows after death and then where the natal chart sits in that process and what this chart is telling us.
An innovative and objective, logical view of the birth chart which allows us to clearly identify the difference between the geocentric and the heliocentric birth charts.
4 Diagrams

CHAPTER 19: The Question of the Zodiacs
The tropical and sidereal zodiacs in detail.
The polarity between spirit and matter evident in these zodiacs is identified.
A essay on the evolution of consciousness as imaged in our movement away from the constellations to a Sign based Astrology.
1 Diagrams

CHAPTER 20: Equinoctial and Seasonal Zodiacs
A further development of the chapter at the end of Astrological Science
We identified are the Equinoctial ( Cancer > Leo ) and Seasonal (Aries > Pisces) zodiacs as the archetypal and manifest zodiacs.
Then explore the Equinoctial Zodiac as the zodiac of the Precession of the Equinoxes and thus the great ages of evolution
Also how the Moon nodes relate to this
What are the 'Houses' of Astrology in regard to the above.
7 Diagrams

CHAPTER 21: What Should We Use?
Pulling together the previous info on what is the birth chart and therefore where is it applicable.
What is the heliocentric?
We establish a polarity between the Spiritual and Material charts
An example using Monica Lewinsky's chart. How the spiritual bodies relate to these charts.
How to link the macrocosm (universe) and the microcosm (yourself) and understand the planets' influences as they manifests as sub-personalities (your internal "beasts" and angels")
The Angel and the Beast.
The 10-fold path of Buddhism for taming the beast - the journey through the Astrality to Spirit which is the message of this chapter.
1 Diagram.

CHAPTER 22: The Planets
How the continual movement of the planets and their "interruption" of the electro-magnetic radiation from the stars and magnetic fields within the Solar System, influences the electro-magnetic reality of the Earth and hence movements in the atmosphere, and human beings living on the Earth.
Patterns for understanding the Planets influence
4 ways of organizing the 7 fold planets
A 10 fold organization of the planets for human psychology - each planet described
A 12 fold organization of the planets for the human spiritual journey described in the terms Steiner used in "The Big Picture". This presents clear interpretations for two 'new' planets, based upon laws from the Astrological Theorem.
Brief section on Other Points: The Asteroids, Nodes, Angles,
15 Diagrams

CHAPTER 23: Why Persephone was Abducted
An extension of the 12 fold pattern above.
Myth-making about the story as to why Persephone was abducted - a question not answered adequately in mythology.
0 Diagrams

CHAPTER 24: Why is it There?
Why is the birth chart the way it is
How do we use it. Outlining a process of developing objectivity by using the birth chart.
A discussion on fate and free will…
"Free will is only possible when an individual has spirit based objective perception
of the Astral bodies subjective reality. Once this is achieved then the individual
can make a conscious choice as to how one wishes to respond to the circumstances."
How to approach Progressions and Transits is discussed
0 Diagrams

CHAPTER 25: How Can This be Used Safely?
How to stand in relationship to predictions of the future - what are some of the pitfalls and solutions and how we can approach this information.

CHAPTER 26: Where Does Evolution Occur?
Talking about the way the spiritual bodies function and the role of the Spirit in bringing objectivity to the subjective Astral based planetary realm.

CHAPTER 27: Astrology and Relationships
A brief overview of the main processes of synastry and composite charts - how they can be used benefically.

CHAPTER 28: Parenting as a Saturnine Pleasure
How we can use astrology to understand Saturn and its role in the unfoldment of a child coming into their own responsibility through the Saturnian 7 year cycles.
Outlining how to approach parenting as a process of supporting our children in being more responsible for themselves. What are the questions to ask and when? Identifying the childs growth path.

CHAPTER 29: Essence Treatments
Essence treatments to help gain objectivity.
Introducing the Garuda Biodynamic essences based on the Bio-dynamic principles of balancing and working with the spiritual bodies.
Details of the various essences Garuda has made.
Also an overview of the Bach flowers and the various astrological associations to the Bach flowers based on the Author's 20 years of experience as an astrologer working with this.

CHAPTER 30: Astrocartography
Geo-physical astrology. How we can determine what influences will be taking place on the earth physically and work with that.
1 Diagram

How the principles outlined in Astrological Science and Spiral Astrology can be applied to nature.

Intro to RS's lectures on the agriculture course. (Incorporate this into the first Introduction?)

A more detailed look at the 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold, 7-fold and 12-fold models - looking at the Bio-dynamic vortex and organizing and interpreting Steiners Agriculture course accordingly.
Level 2
We see how level 2 (2 fold) functions through calcium and silica, we look at how that shows up in plant growth forms and patterning.
We address a very essential and innovative understanding of the way calcium and silica works in plant growth and how this answers a major contradiction which is present in the current accepted interpretation of this part of the agriculture course.
The making of 500 and 501 as preparations to work with this.
Duality as it manifests in nature.
7 Diagrams

Level 3 The 3 fold level we see manifesting in the physical body of forms and how Steiner talked about this manifesting in the sense system, the rhythmic system and the metabolic system.
We also address an essential contradiction that is manifest between Steiners understanding of the 3 fold modes and Astrology. He orders the Nerve Sense, Rhythmic and Metabolic systems in an opposite way to that understood in Astrology regard to cardinal, fixed and mutable polarities.
6 Diagrams

Level 4 (4fold) is talking about the etheric body - how this manifests in the outer environment according to the 'macro' polarity, as opposed to how it manifests in the inner environment according to the 'micro' polarity.
This provides a clear outline of the way in which the spiritual bodies function and we also start to look at the four-fold pattern which shows up in the many different elements of life from the kingdom of nature, the physical bodies, the spiritual bodies, the elements, the ethers, the forces, the fruits, the chemical realm (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon), genetics and so on.
6 Diagrams

Level 5 The 7-fold - talking about how the inner polarites of (Sun) Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus show up in plant forms, also in the various patterns we see in metals, the organs, chakras and so-on.
We then look at the compost preparations and how they relate to the planets and the associations we can see with using those preparations essentially. We then look into plant forms and the way the planets work according to what Steiner has talked about in the Agricultural course.
Some of the ways that plants are associated to the planets.
13 Diagrams

Level 6 (12-fold) The zodiacs and how they organise themselves and how the 12-fold process manifests
in the mineral kingdom according to the work of Haushka,
in the animal kingdom according to the work of Kolisko
and we look at planting by the moon using the 5 different moon rhythms.
And then the human kingdom .
14 Diagrams

Chapter 32 The Overview
Applications of the Biodynamic Vortex to natural life situations.

Chapter 33: Bio-dynamic Plant Growth
This innovative chapter brings together the different points of view of our developments with the "Great BD Contradition" (2 fold) withDr Steiner and Dr. Bernard Lievegoed (from his book { The working of the planets & the life process in Man and Earth} of 1951) and links the spiritual bodies into one overall picture of how to approach the energy patterns standing behind plant growth.
Also is presented a way we can observe plant growth looking at the 2,3,4,7-fold levels as expressed in their plant forms. A process useful for establishing what the healing effects of any particular plant would be.
8 Diagrams

Chapter 34: The Preparations
This chapter sheds new light on the working of the preparations as controllers of the spiritual bodies as shown by the Biodynamic Vortex and Steiner and Lievegeods indications
A clear interpretation of how each preparation works on the spiritual bodies is given.
This perspective has not been put forward in the Bio-dynamic world before and is the basis of the Bio-dynamic essences produced by Garuda. It has allowed Bio-dynamics to move to a whole new level, where it has never been before.
3 Diagrams

Chapter 35: Plant Predators
An outline is given on how to understand pest and disease control within the context of spiritual bodies. This provides indications for how we can approach these problems from a new way, not killing them, but by just changing the environment so that they can no longer exist within that environment. Garuda BD Essences are used to achieve this. Case Studies and Pictures are available to support this approach.
Again a completely innovative approach to an age old problem.

Chapter 36: Which Constellation?
This chapter offers a unique approach on how to use the 3-fold and 4-fold levels of the Bio-dynamic vortex to understand the constellations of the Zodiac and how therefore which constellations is used to effect plant growth in a particular manner. This is building on the scientific work of Maria Thun of Germany. This methodology allows for very specific use of individual constellations. (Maria Thun only went so far as talking about earth, fire, water, air constellations and this chapter gives an interpretation of each of the constellations.)
We then look at addressing fungal and pest diseases using this system so it allows people to choose what is the appropriate constellation for them in their agriculture.
A further section can be included which details an further understanding of the constellations and plant growth based on a development of Dr Lievegeod indications - very innovative.

Chapter 37: Greenhouse Gases and the Ozone Hole
What the ecological chaos is doing to us physically, and the effect it will have on the interplay of spiritual bodies and physical elements
I can put a timescale on this based upon Steiners comments of evolution

Chapter 38: Hydrogen: The Carrier of the Ego
An article which addresses a very specific issue which has caused a lot of confusion in the 3rd lecture of the Agriculture course. It clarifies how the elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon work as the physical carriers of the spiritual bodies. The Author's perceptive presented here has been supported by leading Bio-dynamic writers as being correct and therefore of value.

Chapter 39: Calcium, Silica and the Ethers
Based upon a email conversation with Hugh Lovel (The leading BD farmer in the USA) clarifying the working of the elements of cosmic and terrestrial calcium and silica - outlined earlier in the book.
Chapter 9 or 40: Thoughts on Horn Clay
Clay is a substance that is discussed by other BD commentators in a singular manner. I have understood it to function in 2 distinctly different ways. I outline them according to the Biodynamic Vortex. This topic effects how we influence plant growth.

Chapter 41: Genetic Engineering and the Life of BD
An innovative look at the 4 processes that we see taking place through life developed upon the earthly calcium and cosmic calcium, earthly silica and cosmic silica, and how these processes can be seen in every level of life from plant growth to forms that are active in fruit such as an avocado. We look at the plant, the fruit, down to parts per cell and then to the genes within the DNA and identify which of those four genes are associated to each four processes and the four spiritual bodies, which are active in life.