Astrological Science

Glen Atkinson


Astrology is a large and complex subject which takes some serious study to be understood in depth. My aim through my books is to make this journey as easy as possible.

I have been journeying on this road since 1974, and along the way I have found a short cut. It is a way of seeing the bones and order of Astrological understanding upon which all the flesh of its knowledge is placed.

Like a road map this book hopes to help the newcomer to this subject, chart a quick course to understanding. This journey is indeed worth the effort. Just be aware that this study may well be damaging to your existing perception of reality!

In my studies I have found the work of Rudolf Steiner, who in turn extended the work of the earlier German poet and scientist W.J. von Goethe, to be a very useful addition to the Astrology found elsewhere. Goethe presented a world view in the mid 1800s which challenges the rationalistic deductionism of Bacon. He asserted that reality can be correctly perceived through the inclusion of subjective experiences of the subject studied, as well as through the objective deductionist techniques favoured by our present scientists.

Goethe discovered that by rational observation of one's subject and direct experience through ones imagination and senses, a world of creative metamorphic force can be perceived in plant growth and animal development. This structure of force is what is ultimately responsible for growth and form. The physical forms we see are but the residue laid down along its pathways.

Rudolf Steiner and his followers have developed and described this perception in minute detail over the last seventy years. Leaving us with a treasure chest of understandings and practical advice to be applied to agriculture and human health. Behind what Steiner outlined stands an order which he constantly referred to as 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold, 7 fold and 12 fold processes of organisation. Sadly he did not leave a clear patterning of these layers interreaction. You will note though that these are the same divisions used in Astrology to describe the polarity, modes, triplicities, planets and signs.

While much of Steiners (RS) information is available in various publications the student is left with a vast array of concepts which needs synthesis.

My research into both Steiner and Astrology has revealed that both these subjects contain the same underlying structure. Through combining information from both, RS and particularly Biodynamics is organised and synthesised. Using this structure as a starting point rather than an end product, an overview is established which allows new information to be incorporated and utilised more efficiently. This in turn allows for firm conclusions and associations to be established. These conclusions can then be further developed using the patternings present within initial basic structure. Working with this Astrological formula and RS indications for the last 20 odd years has shown me the Astrological formula is actually the basis for a more indepth Astrological Scientific approach to working practically with many aspects of manifest life.

It is due to this experience that my initial publication "Biodynamics Decoded" (1989) is now being devided up into two. The first is "Astrological Science". This is where the Astrological formula is outlined in its 'bones' form. In this work we are particularly concerned with the 'principles' of the Astrological theorum. To date this has been an ongoing journey of exploration with new developments showing themselves whenever I have the time to pursue them. This is therefore best seen as an open ended ongoing project, which will continue to be added to over time.

The second part is still titled "Biodynamics Decoded". Originally the second section of the original edition, this book interprets RS Biodynamic understandings in the light of Astrological Science and allows for specific conclusions and order to be developed. This in turn acts as a basis for practical applications which can be found in "Biodynamic Essays", "Spiral Astrology" and other articles.

With the Earth in such a state of disrepair, it seems timely this information should be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.The heart of Steiner's message states that there are 'spiritual realities' we must consider in agriculture and Humans, as well as the physical phenomena of soil and climate. If we are again to find health and harmony, understanding these spiritual forces and bodies becomes the starting point for any truly sustainable system of agriculture. My experiences have shown that at the extremes of Astrological Sciences applications it may well offer techniques which revival the developments in Genetic engineering for plant control, and evolution.

Rudolf Steiner outlined a perspective to achieve this in his 8 lectures on Agriculture, as well as in other lecture series. He suggested our planet is encompassed by a sea of forces, streaming from the fixed stars ( formative forces ) and mediated by the planets and our atmosphere. These formative forces go on to be influenced and mediated by the various minerals, crystals and elements of our planet. Thus impacting upon the formation and development of all life forms here. He suggested it is the working of these forces that sustains life.

Bacteria and pests, are only present in any given environment, because of the combination of forces existing in that place at that time. If the balance of these forces is altered, the pests depart for a more satisfactory environment.Biodynamics aims to correctly perceive and balance these forces' activity as naturally as possible, and encourages us to act out of spiritual understandings.

A word about my use of the word spiritual. I use this word in the most practical of ways. Spirit is the eternal seed which exists and sustains the greater cosmos and which enters into all life forms for periods of time. This spirits actions can be seen through its influence on external manifestations. The term 'spiritual bodies' I use in a more general sense to mean all the three bodies not seen directly with the average human eye. The spirit is not used to mean anything one believes in, or has faith in, it is something that acts into life very practically.

Astrology as a system of thought, describes the life processes of our planet and the greater solar system. The simple formula, which is the basis of Astrology outlines the structural form and laws active in the creation of all life within our Solar formation. Astrology can do this because it is based on the very organs of our environment, the elements of the earth, all the planets of the solar system and the other stars of the galaxy. This astrological model offers a timeless 'structure of correspondence' useful in cross referencing seemingly unrelated pieces of information, in a manner that helps to "enlarge the picture". One fact or idea can be associated with other known 'facts' through what can be seen as a universal theorem. Theorems allow for the explanation and comprehension of known phenomena, as well as the projection of new potentials along 'proven' associations. New frontiers can be crossed in the mind before their trial in practical arenas, which forms the ultimate 'proof' of any theorem.

This process of association can be seen as a game. Like any game we must first learn the rules, and accumulate the bones of the reference system. The second part of the game is putting new information onto this structure. While the third part is the projection of the new information into practical outcomes. ( See other Garuda titles for this stage.)

My publications do not attempt to be complete books of Bio-Dynamics. There are many titles that cover practical applications and information alluded to in this work, so the bibliography, can lead you to titles that expand topics only touched on here. Please follow up these sources to broaden your skills and the tools available to you.

As Astrology is such a 'universal' science and comes from life so it is likely that you have many personal references from your own experiences you can relate to the overall model. The last page of this book contains a diagram of all the presented material in their allotted position. As you understand what is happeninf here add your experiences and understandings to the diagram as you go along.

This work is only meant to point the way of this new development, so many of the pictures, relationships and diagrams presented here are to act as a starting point for your own contemplation. They are doorways to understanding. Often the pictures are not complete and need some of your effort to finish them off.

This work does not make any pretensions to being ' scientific'; in the normal sense, if anything it is attempting to bring the 'Wisdom of the Ages' and Platonism into a modern context for the benefit of Agriculture, Humans and the health of the planet Earth. The practical work and innovations already developed from this thesis, and outlined elsewhere on this web site prove the theorums worth and validity. This reality must be addressed by any sceptics.

This information is offered as a sharing of the picture and experience of order and harmony that Biodynamics and Astrology have brought to my perception of life on planet Earth. I hope you are broadened, challenged and soothed by it in the same manner that it has influenced me.