The Creative Formative Forces

The picture outlined here is after Ernst Marti as outlined in "The Four Ethers". In this work he challenged the picture and nature of the Etheric sphere as presented earlier by G. Wachsmuth in "Etheric Formative Forces". EFF became the basis for understanding the Cosmic Etheric sphere for many earlier and contemporary Anthroposophists. The work "Truth and Error in Astrology" by H Poppelbaum appears to use Wachsmuths view and hence I believe leads him to presenting a less than full expaination of what a birth chart is and therefore how we relate to it. More of this later.

The process of creation is the manifestation into the physical dimension of the combined influences of the Macro spheres of our environment. The Fixed Stars are all cluster of stars and galaxies emitting immense concentrations of radiations. These radiation sources are relatively constant in both the intensity of their output and their place of output relative to us. The Fixed Star movement in relation to us is minimal. Hence they are called Fixed Stars.

The Fixed Star realm or Zodiac sphere is therefore considered to be the sphere of the archetypes. These archetypes are the formative imprints upon which life forms are developed. As an image, it could be suggested each plant species owes its archetypal form to an individual star.

In reality there are several influences making up any single entity. The main point here is to see the Fixed Stars as emitting the original formative impulse.

In passing, it should be mentioned that we live in a spherical reality. Earth is the subjective centre of our Universe and the 'layers' outlined above are spheres around us, like rings of an onion.

As the formative forces move towards the Earth from the Fixed Stars, they pass through the Planetary sphere -the seat of the World Astral Body -to become Astral formative forces. Then they move through the Ionosphere and our Atmosphere - the seat of the World Etheric body- to become Etheric formative forces, and onto the Earth to become Physical formative forces carried through the light, heat, moisture,and chemical elements.

The formative forces

When a spiritual body incarnates into physical form it work directly for itself. The indirect or Cosmic influence of a body also works at the same time. Hence we have internal wormth coming fromwithin our body and external warmth coming from the Sun. When a body is not incarnate, it works indirectly from the outside and also through relationships it has to parts of the incarnated bodies.

Plants are a good example. They have an internalised Etheric body howeve the astral body is generally external, only in poisonous plants does it enter a certain distance. While the Ego is always external.

The fourfold division of the plant has been established through the work of both Maria Thun and Agnes Fyfe. They found that if plants where worked when the moon was in certain elemental constellation that the corresponding part of the plant was enhanced. The fire constellations enlivened the Seed and fruit. The air constellations encouraged the Flower. The water constellations encouraged the Leaf. The root was encouraged by working in the earth constellations.

Through association we see that Fire relates to the Ego and the Seeding process. In turn Fire is associated with the Warmth Ether. So in plants the Ego impulses coming from the Fixed Stars find their way into the plant processes through the mediation of the Warmth ether of the Etheric body. Remember that the Ego impulses also work externally directly from the Fixed Stars and encouraged through the external warmth of the environment.

Likewise the Astral body works onto plants from the outside, directly from the planets yet its influence works directly through the etheric body through the Astral's connection to the etheric bodies' Light ether.

This fourfold level runs through many different aspects of our life and environment.

The layers of Creation

This diagram illustrates the four Macrocosmic bodies interrelation. While each of the bodies has its own sphere , there are places where they interact. The Cosmos has few hard edges in it. As one body sphere interacts with the next, a grey area is created. eg When the Etheric forces begin to work into the ‘dead’ Earth we have the development of Carbohydrates, Sugars and Proteins. When it interacts with the Astral sphere in the Ionosphere we see the activity of the Ethers.

When the Astral body meets the Spirit sphere of the Galaxy we have the development of the Collective Unconscious area with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

I imagine there are all the normal spirals and lemniscate forms created between the layers. Any active movement in one layer will create a resonant reaction in its next. Hence many of the creative polaric relationships which exist between the bodies. eg. Within the Etheric Body we have discussed the harmonic relationship between The Ethers, The Elements and Protein .