Astrology at first glance can seem to be an unstructured mass of symbols and concepts, such as the sign of Aries, the planets Saturn, Jupiter etc. Whether you are an Earth sign? Or are you a cardinal sign? These are all pieces of information that can be confusing to bring together. In earlier chapters it was shown Astrology has a definite structure. The basic 'pieces' of this layered vortex are named the polarities, the modes, the elements, the planets, and the zodiac. Astrology shows us each layer represents a plane of activity, which is whole in itself with its own inner relationships, while being part of the greater whole.

The next step in our journey is to explore each layer to establish their inner qualities and laws. As RS and Astrology both show these laws act as a archetypal order. We can learn the nature of the parts by rote without any sense of order or we can learn the rules and order that stands behind matter and then apply them to whatever form of manifestation we are confronted with.

At this stage we are seeking for principles. In later chapters we will see how these principles are related to Cosmic and Manifest forms. I present the follow diagram as a early indication as to where this is leading. The double spiral becomes a picture of the Cosmic and Earthly manifestations of the principles found within the archetypal vortex. This is truly "As Above So Below". The process whereby this internalisation of the exterior takes place will be presented in fuller detail in later chapters. see "Physical and Macro Carriers of the Bodies".

With the parts being parts of a whole form of movement, it becomes apparant that one satge leads into the next. This is a continuous state of development form simple to more complex. One layer develops naturally into the next. Vortexes by their nature have a a twirling exterior and a clam passive middle space. In the whirlpool of water this middle space is where the dross of matter accumulates, in the tornado or cyclone it is an area of calm. In the Human this calm space is found at our spiritual core when we become 'centred'. These examples suggest the centre of the vortex is the place of central creativity where manifest exists in peace, amid the turmoil of the forces which hold it in place. In fact, the quality of the middle is an expression of the dynamic interplay of all the vortex processes, so as they alter their relationship to one another so teh centre changes.



The first level of the spiral is seen as a state of oneness. This represents all states of oneness from the universal oneness to the unicellular algae to the atom. Either way it is where all 'life' begins and is undifferentiated.


LEVEL TWO - The Polarities

At level two polarisation occurs. Polarisaton appears to be the basic criteria for creative manifestation to takes place and be maintained. we see this first in the polarisation into positive and negative poles within the electro-magnetic development of even a drop of water moving through the atmosphere. All chemical elements are electrically charged either positively or negatively which acts as the bonding basis for more complex molecules. D.N.A. , the basic molecule of life on this planet, carries this polar image within its structure. More basic divisions of light and dark, heaven and earth, male and female are images of this process. In mythology this level gives rise to most of the primary creation myths of the earth . In psychology, the introvert, extrovert types and Jung's Anima and Animus divisions follow this level.

This level, carries the image of the single cell begining to pulsate, setting up a movement that becomes an active pulsing lemniscate. This increases until two whirling vortexes of energy are established. One spirals outward and the other inward meeting in the middle. The interplay and subsequent creative tension gives rise to the spark of creation.

In Astrology these poles are named after the predominant planets in our sky. The assertive male pole is associated with the Sun, while the receptive female pole is associated with the Moon. Have you noticed that while the Sun and Moon are actually different sizes, when viewed from the Earth they are the same size? This primary polarity can aslo be imaged as a balance between Sun & Earth, Cosmic & Terrestrial, Force and Substance. Every situation we observe can be seen as an interaction of these two primary poles.

This is the basic law of manifestation and it extends into all the other levels of the spiral. thedeeper into matter we explore the stronger the need for polarisation.



The third level of the spiral is known as the modes or the quadruplities. At this stage the polar opposites meet and develop a middle ground. The theory of Thesis ,Antithesis and Synthesis describes it very well.

The male pole moves anti clockwise towards the centre while the female pole moves clockwise towards the same centre. The middle is a direct manifestation of their interplay. The Female pole is contractive and moving towards the centre, while the male pole is expressive and expansive from the centre to the periphery. The middle is said to be both expansive and contractive, moving with the need of the time.

Astrologically these are described as Cardinal ( Thesis) the impulse towards assertive action, Fixed ( Antithesis ) the impulse to remain with what already exists, and Mutable ( Synthesis ) The impulse to acquiesce to find the middle ground of rhythmic harmony. In the interlevel cross reference the assertive cardinal pole has similarities to the Male pole of the earlier level, while the contractive fixed mode is associated with the female moon pole. The mutable mode is the harmony created from merging of both.

This principle is illustrated in the division of the work place. The directors of a company are the Cardinal role. They determine the direction, look at new opportunities and need to innovate to reach the goals they have set. The workforce are the Fixed pole of the business. They run assembly lines, doing the one job over and over for weeks on end. They have fixed routines, with predetermined breaks with fixed holidays and renumeration. The Mutable pole is the mangement team in the middle. If the directors dealt directly with the workers telling them of changes and possibilities, the workers feel disturbed and rebel against the constant change. The job of management is to take the directors ideas and fit them into the routines of the workers. They are the oil which smooths the way for the drive to harmoniously meet the wheels. Mutable people are the gap fillers. When something needs to change or a gap in the order of life opens up then the Mutable person easily turns their hand to the task, for a short period of time. Their life blood is variety. Cardinal's is new horizons, while the Fixed's is routine.

In RSs work he allocates the opposite correspondances. Fixed is associated with the Cosmic nerve sense pole while the Cardinal processes are associated to the metabolic Earthly processes. Both associations are right however the answer is not as straight forward as one might like. It is however a good example of the Universal Theoreum answering questions, such as this. In a later chapter this will be answered.