Part 2


LEVEL FOUR - The Elements - 4 fold

Level four of the spiral vortex finds its external basis in the atmosphere of the earth. Astrology uses the four elements found in the atmosphere, Fire, Air, Water and Earth to describe this levels activities. These are the very substance upon which life began and from which most life forms are made.

The creation of this level occurs due to interaction of the polarity of male and female (2) giving rise to a third component which is a synthesis of their extremes(3). This gives rise to the Modes. As this burst of energy continues the Mutable phase divides into two sections. This then provides us with four pieces. These are the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Each element has a quality that makes it unique, yet they follow on in their development from the level below them on the spiral. The 'outside' elements of Fire and Earth hold the extreme qualities of those before them, Cardinal and Fixed respectively. The middle mode, mutable, divides itself into Air and Water. This can be described as a development of the positive and negative indicators as follows.

Fire is assertive , impulsive and expansive in all directions at one time, with its activity generating warmth. The choleric temperament is a mark of its action and Jung called it the Intuitive type because of its tendency to act spontaneously without much rational consideration of a situation.

Air is also expansive, however more single pointed in quality. It uses rational thought as a medium of action, rather than brute force and is fine and light in nature. The element of air, is oriented to more social interaction and communication, rather than assertive action. The Sanguine butterfly type temperament is associated with Air. Jung classed this as the Intellectual type as the mind often dominates all other functions.

Water is fluid , passive and emotional in comparison, exhibiting qualities of compassion and nurturing. It will assume the form it is contained in and always moves to the lowest point of motionlessness. The phlegmatic temperament carries waters qualities. Jung called this the emotional type due to these considerations dominating other facilities.

Earth is solid and supportive tending towards being cold and attracted to earthly sensuousness and security. Practical and stable in nature, it is associated with the melancholic personality. The Sensation type in Jungian terms is due to this element's love of physical touch and sensual pleasure.

Elemental Association

Individual elements associate in harmony and discord with each other. The elements activity and relationship is an extension of earlier stages, yet there is now two different relationships to consider.


Macro Polarity

The 'macro' polarity is a continuation from level two - Cosmic and Earthly, which shows here as the brother \sister relationship between the expansive elements of Fire and Air balancing a similar relationship between the contractive elements of Water and Earth.

Fire and Air generally work well and support each other, while Water and Earth do the same.


Inner Polarity

The second polarity structure arises as a result of the ever increasingly complex developmental process of the Astrological vortex. These polarities arise as a result of the internal polarisation between the opposites of each pole. Fire ++ and Earth -- form a creative polarity, maintaining and mimicking the extreme qualities of the level two, Cosmic and Earthly relationship. The assertive and sometimes impulsive urges of the fire element are balanced by the practical common sense perspective of the Earth element.

From the development of the mutable mode of level three, we have the development of Air and Water. These elements function supportively as well. The intellectual rational tendencies of Air can be seen as balancing the more emotional and sometimes irrational quality of Water.

It is at level four that the Gyroscope comes into formation and is therefore a useful form for appreciating this relationship of these elements. It is within the Atmosphere that life becomes sustainable. It is also when the gyroscope become fully formed and its motion balanced that it becomes a perpetual motion device. Our Earth, Sun and Galaxy have been running for some billions of years afterall. It is at this stage that the two primary poles of the vertical structure interact to create the horizon plane. The internal pulsing within this middle sphere becomes such that two separate spheres of activity become differentiated within it. The gyroscope is formed. It is apparent the vertical pole is sustained through the tension of Fire and Earth, while the hortizontal plane is formed through the tension of Air and Water.


The Fire/Water and Air/Earth mixes are generally seen as not working together to create lasting harmony. (Refer Stephen Arroyo titles)

Fire and Earth - Clay Pottery, Air and Water - Rain,

Air and Earth - Dust, Fire and Water - Steam