We live as part of a spiral galaxy, which turns on an axis, within a gyroscopic egg/apple/onion form. Recent pictures of neighbouring stars from the Hubble telescope illustrate this fact clearly. Astronomy tells us the horizontal plane that manifestation appears to collect upon - see our solar system and galaxy - is a secondary manifestation of two vertically orientated vortexes. "Matter" and hydrogen are sucked into the vortexes by a suppossed black hole in the centre. After going through the 'fire' of the black hole or Sun as the case may be, it is squirted out along the horizontal. This is what we see.

Within the gyroscope there are two spiral forms of note. The spiral of the horizontal plane which manifests as an expodential spiral and the vertical spirals which show up as an even spiral. These two spiral shapes show themselves in many forms of life on Earth, most notably in the two spiralling forms of sea shells. Spiralling forms are found everywhere in nature. The leaves spiral up the stems of the plants and the movement of water is through spirals, while our DNA structure also spirals.

The gyroscope and its secondary form the spiral can act as special 'form keys' for understanding how life organises itself. It seems appropriate that if these are the primary sustaining structures of life from the smallest algae and DNA to the largest Galaxy then there has to be relevance in exploring the 'physics' of these forms and to use them as archetypal structures for arranging our understandings.

For our purpose - examining manifest life - it is the expodential spiral of the horizontal plane of manifestation, which holds special significance. Spirals go through several levels. We saw earlier how our creation can be seen to moves through a spiralling process. Also that each layer of this spiral is actually a 'independant' gyroscopic being in itself, expressed as the Galaxy, Solar System and Earth. This independent gyroscopic motion at different polar angles to each other, suggests each gyroscope represents independant dimensional realities. Thus moving from one layer of our archetypal vortex to the next represents a shift from one dimensional level of activity to the next. As we are dealing with a wholistic creation there is ultimately no complete separation of any layers. What we have is one large and complex activity manifesting on different dimensional levels simeltaneously. While there is constant interplay between levels in every direction, for simplicity sake it can be said that as we move up the vortex an activity present on one 'lower' level will manifest at the higher levels, however in a more complex manner.

While the spiral expands through centrifugal forces, it also draws into itself through centripetal forces. The speed and height of the spiral are a manifest picture of the balancing of these to forces. Here we see a harmony between expansion and contraction in continual motion. Life is a dynamic moving interplay of force. As the nature of the force changes so the material matter will follow.

Levels of theSpiral

Looking at our environment we are presented with a picture of four primary spheres or levels of activity, outside of our selves. These are the Earth itself, The Atmosphere, The Solar System and The Galaxy. These levels of creation can be seen as the Macrocosmic picture of our environment and the first four levels of our spiral of life. The fifth comes when we see higher life on Earth more often than not is divided into male and female sexes. For physical creation to spark in the higher forms of life on Earth, one male and one female being still need to reproduce sexually.

Each of these levels of activity - The Fixed Stars, the Planets, The Atmosphere, The Physical Earth and the Polarity of the Sexes therefore become the layers of an 'Archetypal Spiral'.

While it is OK. to see the layers as being one on top of the other. It is more appropriate to visualise the different levels as being a development of the layer before them in the same spiralling form. Observe sea shells, they have continuous lines around the spiral as well as vertical lines across the spiral.

Astrology uses the same basic elements for describing reality as we find in our environmental spiral. For thousands of years it has described these divisions using the names Polarity, Modes, Elements, Planets, and Constellations.

Each of the layers of the spiral has a different number of parts. The Astrological world view outlines the inner workings of each layer thoroughly. Level 2 - The sexes has 2 parts, Level 3 the Modes has three parts called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Level 4 The Elements has 4 parts. Fire, Air, Water and Earth. While level 5 - The Planets has seven parts. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Level 6 has twelve parts commonly known as the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

If you are looking at this material from a Biodynamic Agricultural point of view you will need to follow this link to see the Biodynamic Vortex as there is a major difference in the way the Modes -level 3 fits into the diagram.