The Spiral of Life

The galaxy,s flat spiral form is the end product of a long process based upon motion. If everything in cretion was stagnant then the galaxy would no form. However creation is not stagnant. We assume an event called the Big Bang took place some 15 billion years ago and that since that time matter and gases have been propelled outwards from a combusting galactic centre. This movement causes particles to spin which in turn leads to the development of an electro-magnetic charge being developed around that particle.

The spinning motion creates a pair of vortexes at the poles of the particle. Similtaneously we see the beginning of the development of the electro magnetic field. The combined process of the spinning and electromagnetic attraction leads to the accumulation of gases and matter being sucked down the vortexes and into the centre, where the primary particle exists. These cosmic substance and gas, which is mostly hydrogen and helium, builds up and condenses due to the inward sucking nature ofthe vortexes, until the hydrogen combusts. At this point matter, gases and energy are transformed and created and then squirted out along the horizontal plane of the egg/apple/onion.

The matter and gases are then organised along the horizontal plane by the electro-magentic fields of the system. our Galaxy organisies it into a spiral form , while the solar system organises it into a system of concentric circles. The matter in these rings is spinning as well and accumulates into the planets we see.

Wherever there is motion there is spinning, electro-magnetic fields and matter being sucked to the centre. As everything we know is in motion, we can conclude that every manifest thing will (or at least may) organise itself according to this process. Thus we can conclude that this is then an archetypal creative structure for our reality at least.

Inner forms of Creation

This then becomes a central premise to work from. Our creation has a basic gyroscopic structural form and a set of creative processes. From this we can observe several individual forms which make up the archetypal structure.

There is the Cosmic Egg,

The Apple with its vertical vortexes and accompanying electro- magnetic fields as well as

The Flat Plane which is organised in both circles and spirals.

This diagram is an adaption of one drawn by Phytagoras. It shows the onion effect well however does not have the vortex patterning coursed through the electro-magnetic fields.

All of these forms in turn have inner forms which can be used as archetypal structures. Most notably the Cosmic Apple.

Here we can identify a double vortex form (on the vertical plane), which in turn can be reduced to a single vortex form.

Due to the spiralling and circling effects we have identified in the flat plane created by the electro-magnetic fields, we can deduct there to be layers manifesting within the vortexes. So we can add the layered vortex to our basic forms.

In the earlier "Whats There" chapter we found that our reality is made up of living beings upon a planet, which is circled by an atmosphere, which exists within a Solar System which in turn exists within an organised galaxy. This then provides us with a picture of the layers of the vortex stretching from the Earth surface to the edge of the Galaxy.

This image provides an picture of the cosmic apple from the outside top perspective (right) and the sideways view (left). On the right we look down the vortex and onto the horizontal plane. This provides us with a picture of the activities related to the different spherical 'onion' ring harmonics as they move to the centre.

This process of identifying archetypal forms, now provides us with several strucutres we can apply to various aspects of life to identify order in a seemingly endless chaos.