Establishing archetypal patterns

(This page has some large diagrams so please be patient when downloading)

One of the basic assertions of the Garuda Biodynamic world view is that there is an archetypal order upon which all of life arranges itself.Once this order is identified and understood then 'life processes' can be approached in a more hormonious and realistic manner. For this to be so, then the order can be seen at all stages of existence. The other articles and books presented on this site are an attempt to show how this understanding expresses itself.

To find the achetypal forms of lifes' organisation we can begin our study with the largest organisational forms of our existence - the stars and galaxies we live within. The following pictures are from the Hubble telescope operated by NASA. They provide us with Astronomical pictures of how matter and then lifefroms come into formation.

This blue picture is of a star in the constellation of Virgo.(diagram 1) The defining features of this star is that we can see that there is a clear vertical axis and the formation of a horizontal disk. This is a young star and still in a predominately gaseous form. Thus we can still see the vertical column as gases are sucked in the vertical axis and squirted out along the horizontal plane. What we are not seeing here is the Electro-Magnetic fields which are active in the formation of what we are seeing. The basis structure of these fields are indicated by the small diagram (diagram 2a).

Astronomy tells us that due to the immense speeds these stars spin at (our Sun spins at approx 64,000 mph) a common feature of galaxies,stars, planets and all other things is the development of an EM field based upon the pattern shown in diagram 2. A any substance spins it develops two vortexes which begin to suck more substance to a central mass. In the case of stars this substance is hydrogen. Once the hydrogen reaches a certain point of density and pressure it ignites and begins to express or explode 'matter' outwards along its horizontal plane (See diagram 2b).

As the star cools it enters into the next phase of manifestaton.

As the star cools the vertical axis becomes less visible, while the horizontal axis becomes more defined.

The large picture ( a computer enhanced version of the small top right picture ) has a cut away section so we can see the details of this stage. The features to note are the double vortex in the middle (enlarged below), the small width of the first two thirds of the horizontal plane, and the bulbous quality of the outer section of the horizontal plane.

This picture is the centre of the picture above. Here we see clearly the vertical double vortex at the centre of all gyroscopic forms. The black dot in the centre is the supposed black hole at the centre of all gyroscopic stars and galaxies.

In the next stage of development the vertical axis becomes invisible while the horizontal plane differentiates according to the nature of the electro-magnetic fields of that gyroscope. In the case of galaxies spiral arms develop, in stars planetary systems are formed. In our case harmony of this division is described by Bodes Law


In the early development of the horizontal plane another phenomena can be observed.

When looking at both the pictures above it can observed that the expansion of the horizontal plane appears to reach a stage where a certain boundary is reached - possibly the edge of its electro-magnetic field - before it turns back in on itself. Thus creating an internal pulse based upon the form of a lemniscate.

The forms we can see in these pictures are:
1) Vertical and Horizontal axis.
2) Double vortex & single vortex forms.
3) Matter and energy moves down the vertical axis to the centre and back out along the horizontal axis.
4) Matter organises along the horizontal axis according to the EM fields of the gyroscope.
5) A lemniscate pulse can be observed on the horizontal plane

These forms which are the basis of the immense gyroscopic beings in which we live, can also be seen to be the basic organisational patterns of the life forms which live within them. Rudolf Steiner has provided us with the basis of seeing this script. The following pages outline the details of this hypothesis.