Astro Carto Graphy

Astro Carto Graphy is a process whereby the birth chart and other charts for that matter, are extended onto the Earth, in effect providing a individual Geomancy, useful for determining where the best place is on the planet for just about anything to take place. The system is based on the four angles of the birth chart. When a planet is placed on one of the angles, Mid Heaven, Inum Coeli, Ascendant or Descendant then its influence is around four times stronger than if placed elsewhere. If the birth chart is taken as starting at the birth place and time, we can move to the east or west from this point and the angles move in relationship to our birth planets placement. As we move to the east for example a planet that was in the twelfth eleventh house cusp moves towards the ascendant. Two hours to the east and it is on the ascendant. So a planet that worked for the community in behind the scenes planning in the birth place, now becomes available to the individual for themselves. So as we move across the planet there are places were career, homelife, partnerships or our personal selves are emphasised and illuminated by the planets. This is the ideal planet map for the traveller.

As can be seen in the map provided at certain point the lines created by the planets on the angles cross over each other. It has been found that the joint influence of this point then reasonates across the latitude right around the Earth. This means that an influence that can not be picked up in one place, due to being in the ocean for example can be picked up somewhere else. It also means in any particular place there are primary and secondary influences which work. The primary lines are of some influence 500 miles either side of the line, while the crossing lines have about a 100 mile radius.

I have been working with this method for 15 years and watched my travels through Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand in fine detail and have no doubt about its value. Recent computer programs provide all the necessary maps and data one needs to turn the Earth into a conscious playground. Wherever you are there are subtle changes in influence and the modern ACG chart can give you down to about a 5 kilometre radius of any spot. The one thing is you need a very accurate birth time. 5 mins out equates to some 200kms difference in the lines.
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And so we come to the end of this edition of Spiral Astrology. It has been quite a journey for me in producing this book. If the perspective and experiences presented in this book helps you even in a small way towards consciousness and a graceful life, I will consider my efforts worthwhile. I wish to thank you for your part in the life of this work, for without you it remains ideas and words on paper. May all who experience this work be moved to enhance the life processes of our Mother Earth.

As good planets are hard to find.