Human relationships is one of the most useful areas in which Astrology can be applied.

There are a few major techniques used in analysing relationships, however the overall aim is to gain consciousness of what is unconsciously occurring between the people involved. It is essential when looking at relationship charts to realise each person has large areas of unconscious occurring and the process of relationship just reflects these unconscious processes back to the person. If there is an issue in your birth chart it is your issue. It is highly probable that any tension in your life is a result of this tension being projected onto other people. Negative aspects from Sun, Saturn, Mars and Pluto to other planets indicate areas easily projected onto men while Moon, Venus tension to other planets indicate projections onto women. Relationships offer the perfect opportunity to have our partners play these things out for us.

The first stage is to gain an appreciation of each persons chart. This indicates their basic positive and negative issues, outlook and most importantly their individual energy levels. This provides the basic world views of each individual. Are these two personalities compatible? How are they complimenting each other or how are they unhealthy for each other? Are there any obvious psychological traps inherent in the charts. e.g. Persecutor / victim, Adult / child, leader /follower etc. While these may exist it does not mean this relationship is negative, it is just describing what is going on. Both people may well be happy in this situation. One thing to look at is the energy levels of each person. If one person has alot of outer planet tension between Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars they are a high energy person. If the other does not have similar energy levels then they may not be compatible simply for this reason.

The seventh house of an individuals chart is the house of partnership. the planets in it and the condition of the planetary ruler of this house indicates an individual’s needs and attitudes towards a partner. The 5th house is their friends and lovers. Check out the partners chart and see if it describes their 5th house or 7th house relationship. They are often very different and trying to bring a 5th house person into the 7th house is often very difficult.

Next the electro magnetic harmonics of the two charts are compared. This is where the planetary positions are compared to determine how the individuals planets relate. First look at the two peoples Sun positions, their Moons, their Mercurys and so on. This outlines areas which unconsciously create ease or disharmony. How do you live in the same environment (Moon), styles of communication and ease of hearing each other ( Mercury), ways of acting socially (Venus), ways of taking action (Mars), cultural expectations and morality (Jupiter), rules of the game (Saturn), essential spiritual purpose and direction (Sun). Specific strategies can be devised to ease any difficulties here however more than three planets stressed out at this level makes for quite a lot of effort being expended accommodating each other.

The next phase is to see what planets in one persons chart relates to the other persons. e.g. A's Saturn sits right on B's Venus. The houses one persons planets fall in the other persons chart adds depth to the interpretation. This process indicates the basic unconscious responses to one another. These synergy processes provide direct indications of karmic relationships shared between the two people in past lives. While heaps of information comes from this activity, it is still often necessary to use this as a starting point for further meditative contemplation, which allows the exact details to surface for both people. Again if both people are willing to fantasise and be honest with themselves and each other the picture of what their past relationship was will arise.

These two techniques outline very important levels to bring consciousness into. Just by being around each other the electro magnetic harmonics indicated by these planetary relationships will be set off. These are sensitive points of meeting and all you have to do is be within auric range of each other and 'the energy' will do the rest. Place a transiting planet over one of these points and there is plenty of room for a subjective projection onto one another.

By watching transits over each chart, it is possible to assess whose part is what in any given situation. This provides tremendous objectivity and possibility for awareness in the present situation. Of course by examining the charts before a relationship becomes too established, it is possible to determine the 'soft spots' before they actually arise. This provides a road map of the basic issues which lie ahead. Nothing is ultimately fated if you have consciousness as one of the wild cards. Hence a particular difficulty may not ultimately prove fatal. It will however have to be addressed and can lead to some awakening and release of some past event together.

Any point that is shared by both people is obviously a very sensitive point as when it is activated by a transiting planet both peoples subjective realities are set off simultaneously.

It is best to move into any situation outlined in these charts with an open mind. Allow life's situations to bring anything out into the open. When an issue does arise, Astrology allows it to be possible to bring consciousness into the situation, before it becomes out of hand and deluded by Eros or neurosis. Naturally it is an advantage if both partners have this reflective capacity. If only one partner can do this reflection, then high integrity and honesty is required to honour the other persons lack of this particular skill.

Doing the above processes with the progressed charts is also very worthwhile.

Composite Charts
The composite chart is the chart of the present stage this relationship is moving into. The composite is a chart made up by finding the mid point between the same planet of the different charts. e.g. the mid point of the Sun, mid point of the moons and so on. These are then placed on a zodiacal background. The houses are established by mid pointing the mid heaven and working the Ascendant out off the composite mid heaven for the latitude the relationship is taking place on.

The composite is a chart that tells us about the nature and issues of the relationship in the present life. The house position of the Sun is a great indicator of the essential purpose of the relationship. The planetary aspects indicate the likely dynamic this time around. Themes that reoccur in this chart from the birth charts are obviously issues still to be dealt with. Again this is a wonderful starting place for contemplation as the relationship unfolds. Often the composite chart indicates the opposite of the birth charts. For example the birth charts may indicate obsessive togetherness, while the composite indicates a strong independence urge. Hence it can be concluded that the purpose of this present relationship cycle is to evolve away from the obsession and towards a more independent way of being around each other. The Sun and its planetary relationships in the composite often indicate the mans (or dominant partner) vision and experience of the relationship, while the Moon and its aspects indicates the women vision and experience of the relationship.

Progressions and transits are developed off this chart, beginning at the starting time of the relationship and indicate very significant events in the life of the relationship.

The big change points in a relationship are often indicated in the composite, however transits in the individual birth charts must be watched as well. Outer planetary transits over Sun, Moon, Juno, Venus and the descendant axis bring about periods when the relationships need review and development. Endings are not necessarily inevitable, change is more likely and possibly preferable.

Experience with these techniques develops an appreciate of the depth and strength of the Astral body in peoples lives and the unconscious responses we have in our relationships. Love, humility and compassion can develop as a response to this experience.

There are several other techniques for relationship Astrology. All can be useful and can be explored.

From all of the above very many images can be gleaned which give the participants real starting points to establish their past and their present 'destiny ' together.