( This chapter started life as a post to the BDNOW email list in response to a discussion which took place there, hence the specific dates and examples referred to.)

A very good question I was asked once was
" Where is the seat of evolution coming from?
How are the three subtle bodies involved in the process?

In all things pertaining to life we really need to look at the answer as it relates to the four bodies. It can be suggested that the physical body follows the movements of the Astral, however the answer may prove a little more complex than that.

In my perception, the physical body can be seen as a vacuum filled with matter. This vacuum is held in creation through an interplay of the world Ego, Astral and Etheric activities which surround and hold the vacuum so the personal bodies can accumulate within it . Each kingdom of nature relates to these bodies in their own particular manner. So to keep things simple lets just use humans as the model for a start. They have all four bodies active internally. With the physical body being described as above we have matter performing the wishes of these other bodies. As they move so the physical adapts, not just as health but also right down to genes.

The physical body we see is imbued with and uplifted by the etheric body. This life activity enlivens the carbon. However the etheric body in itself is highly unconscious. It streams and flows through a series of pulses which connects to the beat of creation. As we have seen before it streams from Brahma, accumulating in the atmosphere and is then magically drawn, by its ability to ride on the back of oxygen, into connection with the carbon by nitrogen. I experience the etheric as unconscious, asleep, carried by water and oxygen and kept alive through pulsating movement. As such it is a streaming reactor to phenomena outside itself. In the process of evolution it does really not care how it is applied. It will adapt to the new forms imposed upon it and made available to it. It will continue to feed life as long as it can. If the Astral and Egoic processes are too strong and either consume it or restrict it, it will separate from the physical body and return to the atmosphere. As long as it remains bound to the carbon and active in life processes, it will provide the fuel for evolution, the best it can, however I doubt very much that it creates the spark that causes the evolutionary moment.

The Astral body too plays an important role in life. As mentioned it is the seat of the instincts. And what are these? We are lead to believe that the Astral body is a complex of forces which have accumulated around our spirit as it has progressed through its evolution. In the big picture this has been developing for even some millions of years over the whole of the Earth evolution from Old Saturn/Sun till now. Our astral body, while sentient and conscious, as in awake, it is also very unconscious generally, in that it is intimately wound into the movements of the planets. As the planets move so the astral body changes 'shape'. Most people who are captured or possessed by the Astral believe the reality it confronts them with, through their emotions, psychic impressions, dreams and instincts. From the viewpoint of the Spirit/Ego/Witness, though these are only temporary illussionary images flashing past the screen of view and experienced not unlike those on a TV screen. Due to the astral body being activated by external stimuli, such as heat, cold, dark, light, moisture or dry, pain or joy, hunger, reproductive urges, the earth electro magnetic fields and their response to the life of the solar system, we are moved into action. If planetary stimuli are reduced in a human’s life then their life will become somewhat passive, even fun. If it becomes activated through planetary transits etc. we become active. So I see the Astral body also reacting to external stimuli activating movement albeit generally very unconsciously and hence we see it as instinctual.

As a little study in the essential unconscious nature of the Human Astral body may I draw your attention to the planetary structure presently forming itself into action ( October 1999) between Sun, Venus and Ceres squaring Mars, Juno, Chiron and Pluto. This structure is presently building and will remain in force right through until the end of October 1999. Juno Chiron and Pluto have been flirting with each other for some months now and are presently about to begin their last of three meetings. Their goal has been to point out all the abusive areas in our relationships, both present and past and provide us with the determination to resolve these situations one way or the other. Mars is now moving on to them which will give us the will to do something about these impulses. However it is the Sun Ceres and Venus squares presently developing that will give us the push to implement these changes into our everyday lives. Ceres and Juno suggest there is a conflict between the needs of home and family and that the partner does not necessarily fulfil these at present. In short this is one of those major shuffle times for relationships, especially any that have become stale, complacent or abusive. Between now and late October (14-24) you can look around and watch relationships come to a crunch phase. Some folks will perpetuate their abuse, while many relationships will explode terminally as one of the partners attempts to break out of the pattern, only to recreate it elsewhere. For others they are stimulated enough by this external tension to make the evolutionary decision and 'jump' to another level of the spiral of this activity. For people in empowering and appreciative relationships, they will experience many moments to clarify any remaining annoyances so greater trust and love can be shared. Here is one experience yet four different reactions to it dependent on the state of consciousness of the individual.

These effects are all planetarily motivated, highly predictable and for the majority of humanity an unconscious effect, That they believe to be real. From this effect though some people will learn and evolve and many will not and so be doomed to reshuffle their lives into a complete repeat of what they have just gone through. We are lucky in a planetary situation as this that it is particularly unbearably painful, so if we do not get its message and agree to alter our being as it wishes we will experience an unpleasant astral stimulus. Therefore the external Astral stimulus is so strong we the Spirit/Ego/Witness find it hard to escape some degree of awakening, adjustment and evolution.

So we can ask, what is it in this experience that will allow for some people to evolve through this experience and some to remain unmoved. The answer is the amount of (self) consciousness they have gained about their unconscious Astral wiring and then what they choose to do about their present abusive circumstances and the electro magnetic instinctual habits and hooks they have which hold them into repeating this situation again. In short the evolution of this experience comes from the degree the Ego comes into play and provides enough objectivity, so the witness can reflect on the processes involved and make a conscious choice to wake up to the unconscious process and change it.

The astral body is timeless and responds to the moment and will continue to do so endlessly. It is the Ego which makes the decisions to respond differently to the same stimuli and hence the possibility of evolution occurring. The hallmarks of the Ego are memory, thought, linear rational conception and decisions which lead to action which may not be in keeping with the instinctive desire. It is in this ability to jump off the cycle of unconscious response that evolution occurs.

When we look at the other kingdoms of nature we can say that plants do not have an incarnated Ego yet they still evolve. Yes but how. While plants do not incarnate an Ego 'body' they do have both Astral and Egoic activities involved in their growth. They work onto it from outside and in 'Now Age' language the Astral activity of a plant is called its group soul while its Ego can be seen in the deva being associated to each species of plant. The Egoic processes as we have described many times, work into the plant through the Cosmic Silica processes. I draw your attention to my article on "Genetic engineering from a Biodynamic standpoint" in which I indicated that this Egoic/Cosmic Silica activity can be seen in each part of the plant. It can be seen through the upward growth of the stalk, the seed of the fruit, the DNA within the cell, and the 'G' chromosomes upon the DNA. Evolution in plants occurs in a series of ways and it is the DNA and most notably I suggest the G chromosome which must be altered for the evolutionary jump to occur. We must however accept that some of what Darwin said was correct. Survival of the fittest is in fact true in the plant and animal kingdom. They can make a jump but if the environment does not support them they will die out. While cross pollination will cause some level of evolution, the big jumps you are looking for are often a result of a viral or bacterial attack of the DNA, so some major unpredictable alterations are possible. I can not yet prove my hypothesis, (other than using the ‘Ego Pullers’ drops successful against herpes infection) however I am sure viruses in particular are egoic beings and that their active presence in an organism indicates an egoic imbalance. So even in the highly unconscious plant world it is again the egoic sphere which is implicated in the big evolutionary jumps.

With animals the same process of evolution through 'viral possession' is possible and this may account for the major jumps of evolution in them as well. I am sure you are aware of the hundredth monkey effect. One monkey learns a new technique of survival and once a certain number of the population have learnt the skill it spontaneously shows up in unrelated animals. While the animal is primarily instinctual we can see that in their sleepy habits they are at times forced into adapting. In the mammals in particular we can sense a low level elementary egoic process being active. Much like a three year old human many mammals appear to have a simple thinking and cognition process active which can be used to train them. I see this as the ego touching them from outside in the same way a plant flowers when touched by the astrality. It is this touching which allows the animal that moment of recognition of the adaptation to a new circumstance, so they can repeat the action. The 100th monkey syndrome though occurs through the animals Astral group soul. Without an incarnated Ego, animals maintain a greater psychic association to one another and hence information is passed more freely between them by that clever fellow nitrogen ( astrality). Hence once a practice gains a certain Astral pressure it imposes itself upon other members of the same Astral group soul. Humans have this ability as well. Having only done a limited number of animal Astro birth charts (75 race horses and 5 stud bulls) I can state their personalities were indicated in their charts as were events in their lives. Hence it is highly possible that the animal which made the first evolutionary shift, such as using a tool, most probably had some planetary transit effect which pushed it from outside to innovate. It is still the weak Ego state which gives it the perception to remember and recreate the actions. Through its repeating it becomes wound into the astral body and hence becomes an instinct for the future. I would surmise that the time it takes for a skill to be accumulated to the 100th monkey is the time it takes for the skill to become a instinctual habit for the first animal. Once it hits that instinctual stage it is so wound into the Astral body that it easily becomes transferred to all others through the astral.

So overall it is my impression that evolution occurs primarily as a result of the Ego/Spirit/Witness at whatever level we look. It is the seed thought carried from the stars and mediated by Saturn 1, warmth, Cosmic Silica, Cosmic forces, Hydrogen and G gene that needs to be altered for massive evolutionary jumps to occur. As rare as these changes may be, we can see that Human individuals do appear to make the most radical and major shifts of growth in nature, throughout one particular life, and their ability to adapt and evolve if they choose can change the way their DNA is functioning e.g. cancer and its remission. Plants too can appear to change their DNA expression e.g. Dan Carlsons experiments with sonic bloom and my own experience of turning a annual plant into a perennial using one spray of one potency of a BD prep. Granted these plant examples can be just expressions of sleeping DNA, and so too is much of Human development, yet it is the Humans conscious choice and wilful actions which acts as the spark which ultimately raises us above our astral instincts.