In the time when the Mediterranean gods where becoming a dominant force in human consciousness - 4000BC - the Zodiac had only eleven signs. It was later in the Mesopotamian period, come early Greek time - 2500BC - that the Constellation of Libra was added to the Zodiac. This came as a division of the Constellation of Scorpio.

During these early times, sometime after the fall of Atlantis, the double sided nature of Scorpio was still joined as one. This male and female union which in Scorpio manner was so intense and exclusive as to be seen as one phenomenum/constellation was manifest as the marriage between Hades (Pluto) and Medusa. Medusa being a nymph daughter of Atlas. At the time of our story Athene ( Plutos niece) had killed her sister Pallas and had drawn her spirit into herself to become the Goddess Pallas Athene, the goddess of rational strategic planning. Medusa who personified the emotionally intense dedicated feminine partner of this tantric union was with Hades and they where very happy together facilitating powerful healing for humans through the afterlife. The true nature of their relationship has been lost in time, however their relationship imaged the dual aspect of Scorpio through the creator Medusa and the destroyer Hades. Gods of the underworld. Heaven and Hell. Both where passionate, intense, obsessive and madly devoted to each other.

Like any Plutonian relationship it had need for some personal time. Time for Medusa and Hades to delve into their personal depths and gain some emotional objectivity on what was taking place between them. It was during one of their 'times apart' that Medusa decided to go and visit the goddess of clarity her staunch niece-in-law Pallas Athene. Pallas Athene was running a week long workshop on "Codependence and Rational Emotionalism in the coming 3rd Post Atlantean Epoch." and Medusa hoped this would provide the forum for a breather to develop a more objective framework for her to understand the massive fluctuations of emotion she continually experienced.

Medusa, as you can imagine was a very desirable woman. A woman of passion and deep intimacy, her sensual pleasures and the impact of her emotional attentions were legendary around Olympus. As she lived with Hades in the Underworld, she could hardly ever attend any of the functions at Olympus, and no one came to visit. So by the time she came to visit Pallas Athenes temple her allure had gained almost mythic proportion.

Hades' brother Poseidon was the god of the Oceans and was himself a very emotional sensual being who craved and specialised in merging intimately with his lovers. Unlike Hades and Medusa though he had very few moral boundaries. His union was for the momentary experience of ecstatic oneness. As the god of the oceans he was the guardian of the earlier Lemurian consciousness of the Earth and as yet had not developed any sense of ownership, commitment, or monogamy. Traits which Hades and Medusa had been evolving for some time due to their experience of the effects of mortals messy lives.

Poseidon had always been attracted to the sensitive young and alluring Medusa. Medusa however preferred Hades brooding passion to Poseidon's more artistic temperament. Medusas journeys to the upper world where rare and Poseidon saw her presence at his nieces temple, and the potential of emotional stresses between Hades and Medusa as an opportunity to finally 'have his way' with Medusa.

As you can imagine Poseidon was not Pallas Athenes' favourite uncle. He encourages undefined formlessness, with a 'she'll be right' attitude to life. While she wants everything in its place with clear decisions to be made before anything begins. Pallas Athene hardly ever had a lover and tended to see relationships as a weakness of the individuality and a distraction from the work which needed to be carried out.

One of the ground rules of any of Pallas Athenes workshops was the development of consciousness. Her students needed to continually be on guard for any delusions, fantasies or seductions of the mind and emotions coming from oneself or other people. So once Pallas Athene heard Poseidon was in town she knew this would be a particularly intense trial for her students. As this workshop was intended to draw Humanity away from Poseidon's antiquated dreamy Lemurian consciousness and more towards the rational awareness of the coming Persian era, she thought he was about to see what was going on. His mere presence in the area though made everyone's potential for consciousness much more difficult. Pallas Athene in turn set more rigorous rules and practices in place for her students.

It was late at night, half way through the seminar. Medusa could not sleep as Hades was having a particularly hard time at home. He missed her terribly and was still dealing with some blame towards her, so was rampaging about Tartarus being particularly nasty to the poor souls dammed to an eternity of torture. She always found this mood difficult to love and became internally disturbed. This was one of her big lessons though. Not to feel sorry for him (or his captives ) or to be manipulated into leaving her truth when he was in one of his more possessive insecure moods. So she went to the temple alone and was doing her energy clearing exercises and reciting her affirmations when Poseidon suddenly appeared at the end of the room. Over the coming hour he assured her he was interested in the contents of the seminar and of course of any news of his brother Hades. Slowly he brought the conversation around to Medusa’s emotions and began to encourage her to enter into her feelings of disappointment and of being misunderstood by Hades. The smoothness of his words, the warmth of his care, and finally the caress of his hands on her hair as he cradled her while she cried, lead her into his spell. In a few brief moments of enchantment Poseidon seduced Medusa in front of Pallas Athene’s altar. Just as they reached climax, Pallas Athene jolted to awareness of the sacrilege being performed in her temple. She rushed to the temple enraged to find Poseidon and Medusa still embracing. In the fit of rage she cursed Medusa to forever become the snake headed gorgon and forever more to turn whoever her gaze cast upon into stone. She was to be entrapped on an island in the west of the Mediterranean Sea for all time.

This seemed like a harsh punishment, however Medusa had broken several of Pallas Athene’s sacred rules. Succumbing to deception, deceit and enchantment along with being sexual and adulterous in her temple, and with her arch rival Poseidon. This all just pushed Pallas Athene over the edge.

There have been many discussions in Olympus since that time as to whether Pallas Athene actually lost her rational composure for a while and completely over reacted. Nevertheless the curse had been cast and her pride could not allow her to retract it. It was not until much later times when Humans began taking on quests to gain the favour of the Gods that Pallas Athene allowed and helped Perseus to liberate Medusa from her curse.

Poseidon being a major God walked away scot free. Hades on the other hand was furious. His much loved wife and consort had not only been seduced by his brother, she had also been cursed to a life in the upper world as a hideous vengeful Gorgon, personifying the ugly, accused, wronged and vengeful women. He stormed about the underworld for years planning his revenge and doing what therapy he could. His wife had been unjustly taken from him, so he felt perfectly entitled to take what he wanted in return.

Hades sister Demeter, the goddess of the fruitful Earth had some years earlier given birth to a beautiful daughter, fathered by her brother Zeus, called Kore also known as Persephone.

Demeter, the goddess of the harvest is associated with the rulership of the constellation of Taurus. In so being she has association to Venus but also to the Moon. Her daughter Persephone was like the fruit of the tree. Her beauty, refinement and qualities of soul where a quantum refinement of her mother. While her mother was concerned with the harmony and relationship of all things in nature, Persephone was concerned with the relationships of all of humanity, her mothers ultimate fruit from the creation she supports. Persephone saw all Humans as one family regardless of their colour, race or beliefs. Naturally all who met her loved her dearly.

Over time Hades had become enthralled with Persephone and went to Zeus to ask his permission to marry Persephone. Zeus did not wish to offend his older brother Hades but knew his sister Demeter would not approve of her daughter living in Tartarus. So Zeus said he would neither give nor withhold his consent.

For Hades she would be his repayment for the loss of his beloved Medusa. After much waiting - not to mention the grieving and raging therapy he had to release Medusa - he struck with the force and surprise of a dormant volcano bursting into life. One day while Persephone was picking flowers in a field Hades struck, abducting Persephone to his kingdom.

Demeter was deeply distressed at the loss of her daughter. Initially she did not know where she had gone and searched for nine days looking for her. Eventually Triptolemus, a swine herd, told Demeter he had seen Persephone abducted however he did no know whom by. With the help of Hecate and Helios she discovered it was Hades. She suspected Zeus was in on it all, so instead of asking for his help she immediately forbade all plants from growing and trees from fruiting. When Humanity was verging on extinction Zeus sent Hermes to Tartarus with the message " If you do not restore Kore we are all undone" . As long as Persephone had not tasted the food of the underworld she could return to her mother.

While Persephone was distressed about her separation from her mother she was also enchanted by the smouldering passion of her captor. During her time with Hades she came to admire the softness and intense intimacy he engendered. She saw that in his all absorbing completely vulnerable emotion and need for ruthless honesty sat the basis for true human togetherness. She came to enjoy his company and passion. Either from hunger or as a way of ensuring her stay in Tartarus, Persephone did eat half of a pomegranate before leaving Hades abode. Upon arriving at Eleusis to meet Demeter, Hades promptly let it be known Persephone had eaten food from the underworld. This lead to a bargaining period conducted by Rhea, Zeus, Hades and Demeters' mother which resolved that Persephone would spend six months with Hades and six months with her mother Demeter.

Persephone was a very happy queen of the underworld and from all accounts equally enjoyed her times above and below the Earth. It was from this time the constellation of Scorpio was divided unequally in the smaller constellation of Libra, ruled by Persephone and into the Scorpio as we know it today, ruled by Hades or Pluto.

As time went on Persephone continued to encourage Humanity to see the unified nature of their species. She taught it is through unconditional love of and tantric union with 'the other' that true peace on Earth is achieved. Only once one has found the place of personal trust and personal love can they join together in complete freedom and openness with 'the other'. Only then can humans not be manipulated and traumatised by the emotional turmoil of other peoples unconscious psyche.