This is the third edition of "Biodynamics Decoded". The first was put out in 1989, the second in 1994 and now this version in November 2000. Since the first edition I have learnt and experienced more about the details and functioning of the material I had only glimpsed in 1989. I have written more about it and most of this material is available on the web site, so some extra cross referencing has been possible, to broaden some of my initial spartan comments.

In this edition the first part of the original "Biodynamics Decoded" has been presented as a separate book "Astrological Science". This is due to a continued development and extension over the years of the Astrolological model as a Universal theorem. I see this work continuing in the future and so it is best to give it room to grow along its own path. It is important to read "Astrological Science" before reading "Biodynamics Decoded" as it lays down the structural basis of the insights which arise through 'BD Decoded'.


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