Paramagnetic rock dusts

Both these pieces are from BDNOW conversations.

The first is a rounding up of the previous discussions while the second is a projection of thoughts I had following them.

Post 1

from GA

from the posts on this subject I am left with the picture that a particular balance of Di magnetic material - compost humus etc ( Ca ) and paramagnetic material - silicious rock dusts, is needed to create or draw in a harmonious quantity of Orgone or Etheric energy.

If the balance is wrong - too much paramagnetic. ( Si ), it is possible to draw too much the Dor energy. - Astral/Ego???? Organic, matter etc being the component which draws the opposite and most orgone energy. -Etheric?????

Hence rock dust application needs to be made in accordance with the Organic matter status of a particular property.

I wish to be clear on the concept.

Hence we have the need for developing a conscious "Silica" soil science along side the "Calcium" ( Ca, Mg, K, Na ) soil science we already have.

Is there specific Si elements we should be looking to balance?????? just as we balance the Ca ones in the CEC

Glen Atkinson.

Essay 2

Rock dusts activity have been coming and going from thoughts ever since the earlier discussions we had here. Yesterday two things happened which put a few things together for me. Firstly I was discussing with one friend how the periodic table can be seen as a spiral process. At a certain point on the spiral, poisons are formed and later radioactive substances begin. On the very outside of the spiral where it begins to disintegrate into `spirit' there are the rare earths.

The theory of the periodic table says elements are formed by the addition of and electron ( & conventional science says along with a proton and neutron) in its outer shell. Once there are eight electrons in the shell the next shell begins to fill up. Hence we have Potassium with 19 electrons and one is added to make Calcium. The rare earths are the odd balls of the game because they have the ability to freely add and loose electrons as the need arises.

Scientific theory says that these proton and neutron additions and subtractions which make up the major elements can only take place inside a nuclear reactor and that transmutation of elements is a wonderful theory however it does not happen naturally, or so I understand. We Biodynamic growers however have our suspicions that transmutation of elements is a reality and that it happens as a natural process arising out of the functioning of elements, organic matter, humus and microrganisms within the soil and in other living organisms. For example one test we did showed there is 1000% more K coming out of an earth worm than in the surrounding soil. Where has this come from?

So yesterday as I was thinking about the rare earths I suddenly saw them as the catalyst in nature which gives and takes electrons as needed, to provide the elements that are needed at the time hence they are the missing link in the transmutation of elements question.

The second part of the puzzle fell into place today when I was talking to another friend today who is supplying a granite based rock dust. I asked him about its paramagnetic unit rating. He said the number is a reading of the quantity of rare earth present within the rock dust and that Granite rock dusts have far more rare earths in them than Basalt rock dusts. This suggests that when using rock dusts we are not only intensifying the silica side of the soil balance, which in turn helps with the structure, forming & nutritive processes but we are also adding a bundle of catalysts which can change and adapt existing elements to the needs of the time.

While this transmutation of elements in living beings is not accepted by straight science another friend recently bought a book called "Transmutation of Elements" which assets it is the movement of electrons which creates this movement from one element to the other. I am no scientist so can not really argue the point. All I do know is something is going on in biological systems which magically produces elements out of thin air.

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